Welcome to Acton Scuba Water Stage and Services

We offer unique facility and services for your filming projects.



Acton Scuba Services utilizes ranch property to build the perfect site for your underwater sequence. Located near the Santa Clarita Valley, in Acton, the site is conveniently located close to Los Angeles metropolitan areas. 

This water stage was designed to afford not only ample surface space at 42 feet long and 24 feet wide, but also incorporates a natural undulating slope of gray tones in the deep 16 ft end that simulates the ocean or lake floors.  Recessed tie-downs are built into the walls and bottom for equipment restraints and also for water solids, black, blue and green screens.  The area around the tank is a spacious open deck which can facilitate surface booms, techno cranes, lighting, grip equipment and camera support.  Being on private ranch property, there is ample parking for your crew and support.  The facility also has highly qualified technical staff (IATSE Local 80) for your underwater grip and safety support.  Also available is an above water truss system.  Acton Scuba Services can coordinate and oversee all your marine needs. 

The facility offers all your scuba needs.  A high-pressure air compressor system for scuba cylinder air fills, scuba cylinders, hookah lines with regulators, buoyancy compensators, flotation devices, bubble bars, an underwater communications system and much more.  Upon Request, underwater camera operators can be provided.  Underwater camera housings, lighting equipment and accessories can be rented through HydeoFlex, El Segundo, CA.